We welcome your inquiries about our program and practice, as well as requests for rental of the zendo for special purposes.

For general information or to sign up for O-An News, our monthly newsletter online, write info@oanzendo.org.

For an introduction to the zendo and to receive beginner’s instruction, call Meido Barbara Anderson at 814-355-1968.

For information about renting the zendo, call 814-355-1968 or write info@oanzendo.org.

For information on becoming a member of O-An Zendo, write info@oanzendo.org or membership@oanzendo.org.

To make a donation to O-An Zendo, mail to:

O-An Zendo
1 Endless Circle
Julian, PA 16844

O-An Zendo, 1 Endless Circle, Julian Woods Lane, Julian, PA 16844